Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Little I

Here are some pictures of little I. Its been a long time coming. Welcome to our blog little man! Sure love you and your happy spirit!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years..

It has been a while since my last post so I have a little catching up to do. Thanksgiving this year was at my big bros Lyles,in Lehi. What a grand feast we all partook of. The true highlight was Dad using his South African black kettle pot with 3 legs to cook our 25lb turkey!! It was pretty cool to see that. We all ate, ate and ate. Played a few games. It was GREAT. We then headed to the movie to see big dogs. What a day!

Oh and how could I forget... Sav was in her very 1st performance, she was in the nutcracker! She was a little jester and boy did she have fun! Her mom was worried that come performance time she wouldnt be brave enough to go on stage, but to her amazement, she was great for all 3 performances!! Her dad and I were so proud of her! WAY TO GO OUR LITTLE BALLERINA! Her cousin Sheldon was in it too, he did a great job as well!


What a busy time... I spent a couple Fridays helping POPs with our annual chocolate dipping/candy making. That is always a grand time, learning his techniques I will always treasure. I have always loved to spend time with my POPS!! Those chocolates are always a big hit, thats for sure. On the 19th we had a Poll X-mas party, with hot soup and rolls. Santa even paid us a visit and brought Sav a ballerina barbie, she loved it, of course until she saw Mya's little pet shoppes. The 24th brought the annual Loveland X-mas eve party!! We were all there to join in the fun all 6 of us and spouses. I dont think anyone would miss the annual white elephant exchange and of course we were the lucky ones to get LEGGIT and the white elephant!!!! UGH. Christmas was great fun with little Savvy, she got spoiled as always, but to see the joy on her face was priceless!! Her favorite toys are of course her little pet shops. She will have fun this summer crusing in her barbie Jeep.

JP did have a nice stay in the hospital for a week. The MARSA staph infection came back for a visit in his leg. He started with high high temps and bad swelling in his stump. Finally after 4 days of IV antibiotics he went in for surgery. Because the swelling was still there and he had to have it drained. So again leggit has left us for a while...ugh. He is now doing oxygen treatment everyday for the next 20 days at a wound center. He also wears a pump on the wound to help in the healing as well. Hopefully he will be back to work soon..

New Years.....

I wasnt feel well, so we decided to stick around home. We did go to a motel with Posells, Lovelands and Goodsons for a little swimming and porker. It was for Sav and boy did she love it! She is a little fish and loved the water.

That about sums up our holiday, and one more thing Sav is now a SUNBEAM!! Her 1st day was today. It was a little rough, since I have been with her for 3 yrs in the nursery. She did have a hard time at first, but then I just left her with the teacher screaming and all.... but she was fine after a few minutes.

Last but sure not least.....I found out that we are expecting again and couldn't be HAPPIER about it!! I am due the 1st week in July. I have had 2 ultrasounds so far and baby is doing just great! Sav is excited to be a BIG sister. We told our families on Thanksgiving. Sav wore a shirt that said "BIG NEWS" "I AM GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER" Everyone is thrilled for us! Morning sickness is still not fun and nausea seems to last a good part of the day. But if that means a healthy baby, then I am all for it!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween....

We had great times this weekend... 1st off to start the festivities Fri I dressed up as MJ and headed off to work, nothin much but a white shirt and black pants and of course cant for get the glitter socks and glove!! Boy was I a BIG hit. Oh and I cant forget my boss brought me a monkey hand puppet, so I was set..bubbles and all. I had a great time parading around the halls and leaving a great glitter trail all over the place. To my amazement I took 1st place in the contest and took home a cool hundie!! That was the best way to start off the weekend. Sav came down and trick-or-treated at work, then we were off the ABC to join the fam for Lisa's b-day. After dinner we all went back to out house and carved pumpkins!! fun fun.

Sat the 31st was ready to hit the streets for more candy...she was a M&M witch, blue face and all!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My baby is Turning 3......

as I reflect back on this week almost 3 yrs ago, there are a lot of things that i want to write down before I forget. I went to see my ob on a Monday and he told me that he would like to start me the next day and I was like "no, i have a baby shower on thurs" He told me that the sooner the better to get this little gal out, because the fluid around her was getting low and my blood pressure was getting a little high. So when i went to work the next day, I told them we needed to move the baby shower to Wed, because I was going to be a MOM on Thurs, so sure enough, the baby shower was moved to Wed and little miss Savannah was born on Thursday Sept 28th..... I labored all night long and pushed for a good 2 hrs, before she finally came at about 9:30am, weighing in at 7lbs 6oz. Perfect little thing, eyes black as charcoal and no eyelashes...but cute cute non the less. She was perfect! Johnny was the only one in the room and he was very very sick, so he wasn't having fun. I was so very excited to finally meet her, that I was in a little bit of shock and couldn't believe that I was finally a mom. What a great great experience.

She will be turning 3 in just a few days, and boy is she the light of my life! We have had a great summer with her. Potty training, camping, zoo, pool, water slides. We have been busy, but it has been so fun. She is talking in sentences and even telling her mom and dad "time out, time out" when we argue, it is funny how much and what she learns so quickly. She is truly a blessing to us. We Love you Savannah! Happy Birthday! We will be getting you a littlest sha pops and a green ball that you want!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Pics.......

Tired of the belly are some cuter ones The Mom
Rosie and Mobie, best buds!
Sassy SaVers

Classy SaVs

And last, but not least, J still is without Leggit. Poor thing just sits in the corner....(Leggit that is) Surgery #2 SHOULD be a sucess! (We are hoping and praying)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleepie SunDee

Here are my 2 loves, in their best positions....laying down and asleep!

AnyWho, there is nothing new at the Zoo! We did get a new baby kitty named Rosie and Sav lobes her so so much "mom" (she says). She is gray with no tail. She is very playful and Sav loves to SQUEEZE her. She is learning to run and hide now!

P&G just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Fri May 1st. It was a lot of fun, we ate dinner at Maddox and then had a small open house for them at the ward house and of course I forgot my camera..ugh. I was in charge of the flowers they turned out pretty good, if I don't say so! They had pink and turquoise carnations so I thought it would be fun and got the same colors. Lynn was in charge of the cake and boy did his wife deliver!! IT was beautiful floating tears it was big and beautiful! The true highlight! She spent a lot of time on it, it was perfect! The rest of the table was decorated with moms white candle holders and big 8x10 pictures of their wedding day. It was nice. We also had a wall of pictures of all of kids and grand kids and Lyle put together a video of all of our old slides. Fun was had by all!

We took Sav to big tub and added bubbles! She had a great time splashing around